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It's expensive to put a pressurized filtration system in a Hot Tub. That's why you don't see Hot Tub manufacturers providing them to their customers anymore. A pressurized filtration system is mandatory for any commercial hot tub installation - such as recreational centers or hotels. Why? Because it is simply a superior way to filter your hot tub or swim spa water. The pressurized system traps contaminants from re-entering your hot tub once the pumps are turned off. In addition, a pressurized filtration has the filter removed from the bathing area and housed in a closed canister. In other hot tubs, the dirty filter sits inside the water with you.



Coast Spas holds of numerous patents and pending patents in North America, including Spa Motor Cooling Method and Apparatus; Method and Apparatus for Circulating Water in a Spa and Negative, Infinity or Vanishing Edge for Spas and or hot tubs.


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